The advantages of having a Premium Domain.

  • A Premium Domain Name means better Search Engine Ranking (better positioning in the search engines).
  • Brand Awareness. Potential Customers will recall your brand name easily.
  • More direct traffic and more traffic coming from Search Engines.
  • All the above translates in Higher Profits.

Why Rent a Premium Domain instead of Buying it?

  • Premium Domains have a high market-value. These domains are for customers that will be looking for something specific, unwilling to settle for a less valuable alternative. Usually this means investing in a project /website that can make use of that premium domain.
  • But can you know from the start your project will be a success? No. There is always a risk involved. So, instead of investing more money into a project that you are not sure if it will be profitable, it is easier to simply rent the domain, build the website /service, launch it and see the results. This way you won't risk loosing more money
  • You can always buy the domain after you've seen the results.

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